The prepared environment in a Montessori classroom is appealing to children and feels like home. Our school is based on the principles of respect and independence.

Young children touch and manipulate everything in their environment, through this movement, they build impressions about the physical world around them. Children learn by doing and this requires movement and investigation.

At ABC's of Learning, the children move freely from one work area to another, working alone or with others at will. All of this is achieved through teacher directed demonstrations and respect for the materials in the classroom.

The classroom is organized into several curriculum areas: language arts (reading, literature, grammar, creative writing, and handwriting), mathematics and geometry, everyday living skills, sensory awareness exercise and puzzles, geography, history, science, art, music and movement. The class also has a library, as well as a computer with age appropriate programs.

Boy and Teacher

Lessons are introduced simply and concretely, and are reintroduced several times over a period of time increasing the degrees of abstraction and complexity.

We offer an integrated thematic approach that ties the separate disciplines of the curriculum together. For example, when we studied the Chinese New Year, we read Chinese folk tales, created masks for the celebratory parade, introduced the children to Chinese Art and Cuisine.

Montessori students learn to collaborate with each other, rather than to compete. In this atmosphere where the child learns at his own pace, he competes only against himself, and learns not to be afraid to make mistakes.

Our typical class size is made up of 14 to 16 children evenly divided among three age levels. The staff consists of trained Montessori teachers and state certified teachers. Our main objective is to teach the children how to learn independently, retain their curiosity, creativity, and intelligence. It is our goal to encourage a high sense of self esteem, as well as the child's normal desire for independence.